Sopmaskin (WM Optimal Fram 1600)

26 500kr Exkl. moms.

• roller brush is height adjustable via slot and lever (depending on wear)
• low-wear plastic skids protect collection box
• free sweeping by pulling up the collecting box possible (no disassembly required!)
• third guide wheel on the front version prevents the machine from buckling up
• attachaing sweeper „Optimal“ as front version optionally with additional side brush available

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Technical data

Working width: 1600 mm
Brush diameter: 520 mm
Depth of the collection box: 360 mm
Emptying of collecting box: mechanically, hydraulically possible (surcharge)
Swiveling: mechanically, hydraulically possible (surcharge)
Drive: Gerotormotor
Wheels: 2 with rear attachment, 3 with front attachment
Flow rate: 20 – 50 l / min.
Recommended speed: approx. 200 1 / min.
Max. Operating pressure: 180 bar
Weight: approx. 280 kg
Mounting options: via adapter plates as rear or front attachment to various carrier vehicles


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