June Produkter AB was founded in 2014 by Magnus, and is today, just as in the start the only owner of the company. With over 20 years of experience the focus have been on affordable and good quality products. Today, June Produkter is an importer who is working within the fields of agriculture, contractors, and park & gardening. The company always strives for professionalism, and satisfaction among customers.

In the beginning of 2020, the company moved to a new facility.

Why June Produkter AB?

-"At June Produkter, we are striving towards having a national reach for our products, while at the same time keeping a local presence. This implies that we, together with our valuable web of retailers, are able to deliver high quality products to a wide variety of customers."

- Magnus Junefelt, CEO


June Produkter has since its foundation been working with import. In the beginning, the focus was on importing agriculture equipment from the majority of the Scandinavian countries, and selling them to the Swedish market. However, the focus has been changing over time, and today imports are made from multiple countries in Europe. This to develop an interesting and valuable range of products. In 2016, the product range was extended by the introduction of trailers. Something that increased the interest and completeness of the product range even more, and today we are working with the leading suppliers in Europe.


June Produkter AB have an enthusiastic outlook on the future. A change in the market is an inevitable fact. However, this is something we are always thoroughly preparing for. The digitalisation is seen as a natural part in the decision-making process, and is something we will develop together with our retailers. In the upcoming year the following changes are planned to be implemented:

- Salesplatfrom

- Digital retailer-network